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TurboBidder is an online software that helps real estate investors answer the age-old question: How much should I offer?

We get it. Many investors either shoot from the hip, basing investment decisions on a gut feeling or a simple rule of thumb-- OR-- they suffer from "Analysis Paralysis" and get hung up on the numbers instead of actually doing something.

Problem solved! TurboBidder is a slick, easy, 6-step Q&A process designed to help you get real numbers, real easy, real fast-- even in less than a minute. Go ahead and give it a try.

  • One Buck! for a 1-week trial
  • $197 per year
  • Annalyze an Unlimited number of properties



What investors are saying...

As a long time investor I wish I had had TurboBidder 11 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and put a lot more money in my pocket. TurboBidder is easy to use and gives you the numbers you need to make good offers in just minutes. I use it and highly recommend it to experienced investors as well as beginners. Turbo-Charge your investing with TurboBidder!

Yours in prosperity and friendship,

Bill Barnett, Fort Worth, TX
National Best Selling Author of "Are You DUMB Enough To Be RICH?"

If you plan to invest your money in Residential Real Estate you need this tool on your desktop so you can get to it fast. This thing is just amazing. It has saved me untold time and money.

Ron Reynolds, St. Louis, MO
R. K. Reynolds, Inc.

Just last month I made $24,732.00 when purchasing a property, by using TurboBidder my bidding price dropped $24,732.00 from what I would have usually offered for a property like that by using my old “analytic” system.

Michael Chase, Fort Worth, TX